Descriptive Essay On Mercedes

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However, in a dark corner of the club sit five Asian crime family members, from a powerful triad. -- All dressed in black suits, they quickly follow Tony Lei, Butterfly and Lucky out of the disco. Outside the club, a black Maserati Levante SUV with tinted windows pulls up. Lucky opens the back door and lightly assists the heavily under the influence Tony into the back and Butterfly crosses for the driver’s seat. As she opens the door, it’s revealed that the Maserati has no driver. She fastens her safety belt, Lucky hops in the front passenger seat as Butterfly now takes control of the vehicle -- burns rubber -- speeding off. The Maserati SUV is not a typical automobile. It’s a CIA specifically equipped spy car, equipped with a supercharged…show more content…
The bad news, the Mercedes does as well. Butterfly gingerly removes her hands from the steering wheel. After several near misses, the self-driven Maserati turns, zipping in out of traffic lanes, missing other autos by inches. Lucky jokes, “Gotta get me one of these cars that drive themselves.” The Mercedes speeds up; suddenly a second Mercedes from nowhere is fifty yards behind the Maserati. This car is on automatic pilot as well. Inside the Mercedes -- four armed gangsters. -- The car is operating itself – the sensors are locked in to follow the Maserati. All the passenger’s ready their weapons. The Maserati executes a perfect U-turn. The Mercedes executes the exact same turn as well. Butterfly finds humor in the situation, “Nice to know we’re not the only persons with this technology.” Libra replies. “Not sure they have everything this car has.” From an extra tailpipe -- ten micro-robot drones that appear to be small eggshell blue canary type birds take flight. The micro-robots fly rapidly to the two Mercedes -- five flies to the front, pursuing vehicle -- five to the second speeding Mercedes. Two helicopters now fly overhead. Lucky and Butterfly quickly notice the two birds above. “By the way, the chopper following you is not one of ours.” “I sort of figured that,” Lucky
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