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Joseph Theodore Leslie Taylor is the most dominant criminal and gangster in the 1920’s Melbourne. Although only a diminutive 156cm tall, Squizzy had a fearsome reputation and was known for his cleverness and treacherous mind. Taylor, also known as ‘Squizzy’, was given this nickname because of a slightly droopy left eyelid. Some people also say that the name was given by the way Taylor ran, in a ‘squizzy’ motion.
Born on 29th of June, 1888 in Brighton, Victoria Australia, Taylor is the second youngest of five children. His parents, Benjamin Isaiah Taylor, a coachmaker and Rosina Taylor were struggling financially with the family and eventually had to sell their business in 1893, moving to Richmond. Shortly after that, Squizzy’s father died in 1901 and Taylor had to start working in the stables as an apprenticed jockey.
At the age of 16, in May 1905, Squizzy was arrested by the police for insulting behaviour. Although discharged without conviction, this would not be the last time he would meet with the authorities. In March 1906, at the age of 17, Squizzy was given his first criminal conviction when he was sentenced to 21 days in jail for theft. From then on, Taylor appeared many times in court for crimes of pickpocketing, assault, shop breaking, armed robbery, sale of illegal liquor and drugs …show more content…

This was a violent feud between two rival criminal gangs, Richmond and Fitzroy that lasted for several months. In 1918, a robbery was planned out with the Fitzroy and Richmond gang working together. 3 people were arrested in this incident and the Fitzroy gang were suspicious that someone had told the police. They were also unsatisfied by the money that was split between them and decided to drug and rob Dolly. Squizzy was arrested for a shooting incident and sentenced to 18 months in jail. This marked the end of Squizzy’s relationship with Dolly. Squizzy then married Irene Lorna Kelly and they had a daughter named

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