Informative Essay About Asian Stereotypes

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Racial stereotyping is like giving a person a bad character from Star Wars to be, for example, Jar Jar Binks, and we can all agree that it sucks. But Asian Stereotypes are just the worst because if you’re Asian, you know it will feel like someone is making you Jabba the Hutt which feels pretty bad.

Asian Stereotypes freaking suck you know why? Stereotype threat (or even racial stereotypes), a term coined by Stanford Professor Claude Steele, occurs when individuals whose group is targeted by negative stereotypes try to excel at tasks that are related to the stereotype. In these situations, simply knowing that there is a stereotype against them can lead individuals to actually perform more poorly on the task than they otherwise would.But I’ll give you a general reason why. It makes us look bad. You wanna know what the I’ve concluded about Asian stereotypes? Well, look at these 3 main topics.Lack of respect for Asian men, due to stereotypes. Asian people depicted as not attractive.Asian people aren’t given the chance to cast in leading roles in movies. What kind is bull that? Let’s break it down. …show more content…

You wanna know where? It doesn’t exist. The media decided to shoot Asian men confidence down by saying that they genuinely think that Asian have a small peni like if you haven’t seen it, don’t jump to conclusion. Elizabeth Kavaler even says that “It's the body part that fit the person, the body parts don't fit the race”. I swear on my Pokemon card collection, if I hear anybody saying that us Asian have a small peni, I will prove you

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