Seeking Asian Woman Analysis

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The yellow fever is now occuring, the phenomenon in which a white man interested and sometimes obsessed with Asian women. According to Debbie Lum, a fourth-generation descendant of a Chinese-American from St Louis, Missouri, there are reasons why many men consider women Asia as the ideal wife.

Touted as Asian women more submissive and obedient. In addition, they have a dream to live in more affluent western countries. Married to American men to be the way they are to obtain a green card. This stereotype is offensive to the Asian-American community because it is often not true, according to an Lum.

According Goal Auzeen Saedi, graduates of doctoral programs in counseling from Stanford University, the dominant perception of the Asian women
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In the film follows the life of Steven Lum, 60-year-old American man, in his search for a bride Asia; and Sandy, 30-year-old Chinese woman who met Steven on the internet and eventually…show more content…
Then she met Sandy, factory workers grew at a tea plantation in the mountains of China. Steven flew to China to meet the girl. Steven does not return empty-handed. Two weeks later, he returned to California with Sandy, after she had agreed to marry him.

"I'm very happy," Steven said, grinning like a teenage boy who is in love.

However, once they live together and fulfill the dreams and fantasies of each, then both of them are aware that they have trouble communicating. English standard Sandy once, while Steven did not know a word of Chinese words (somehow they communicate in letters).

The movie trailer shows how they often fight because neither understand what else. "What?" Steven yelled at his wife. "Speak English!"

Debbie Lum was the one who acted as a mediator and translator for this couple. In Lum, Steven often sigh and ask for help to solve the problem. "I do not know him (Sandy) say anything," he said
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