Starbucks Pestle Analysis Essay

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Starbucks Coffee Company, founded in 1971, has grown to an international brand. As the world’s biggest coffeehouse company, Starbucks continues to lead the industry in sustainable business and innovation. Such success is attributed to the firm’s ability to address the external PESTEL/PESTLE factors. The PESTEL/PESTLE analysis framework indicates the most significant influences on Starbucks based on characteristics of the remote or macro-environment. Despite its current industry leadership, Starbucks must continue monitoring its remote or macro-environment. The PESTEL/PESTLE analysis model can be used to satisfy this need. Through continued effectiveness in addressing the external factors identified in the PESTEL/PESTLE analysis of its remote/macro-environment, Starbucks…show more content…
However, the company must work to address the identified threats, especially the threat of substitution linked to the increased availability of home-use specialty coffee machines. On the other hand, Starbucks cannot do much but to avoid the threat of bureaucratic red tape. Overall, the PESTEL/PESTLE analysis framework indicates that Starbucks Coffee has plenty of room for further global growth. The preceding analysis proves the point that Starbucks is operating in a relatively stable external environment. The main reason for this is the fact that it operates in the Food and Beverages space which means that despite the recession, consumers cut down on the consumption to a certain extent and not completely. Therefore, the task before Starbucks is to lower costs and increase the value so that it retains its consumer base and attracts consumer

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