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Stephanie Lopez is a 40-year old woman who was born in the Dominican Republic and migrated to the United States at the age of five. She currently holds a bachelor in accounting and is a medical billing supervisor at a hospice. Stephanie Lopez is also heterosexual and has been married for 8 years. Dawn Weaver is a 42-year old woman who identifies as African American, Indian, and Irish. She received her associate’s degree in human services and has been a therapeutic staff support for the past 10 years. Dawn is heterosexual and has been single for 11 years without having any children.
Stephanie Lopez has encountered health complications that are associated with the excessive weight she has gained in the past twenty years. Stephanie has been diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol and high blood …show more content…

Stephanie has become a light sleeper because she has to be alert during the night to make sure that her daughter is not alone when she having a seizure. Stephanie was not always a light sleeper but when her daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy she had to be alert throughout the day. Not being able to sleep some nights leaves Stephanie restless and stressed. Dawn as well has an irregular sleeping pattern, she often falls asleep on the couch after a long day of work and gets about 4 hours of sleep. In addition to having an irregular sleeping pattern Dawn does her best to stick to a routine. Before going to sleep Dawn makes a cup of tea and tries to read a couple chapters from a book. As for Stephanie, she has more of a consistent routine that involves putting her children to sleep and organizing things needed for the following day (such as lunch and uniforms). Once everyone is asleep Stephanie takes advantage of the quiet time to access her cellphone and Facebook. This allows her to escape temporary since throughout the day she is very limited to alone

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