Stereotypes In A Million To Juan

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I’ve never seen the film A Million to Juan and just by reading your post, you explained how much the group of Latino friends were stereotyped. Being a certain race shouldn’t mean anything to anyone and it’s sad that they were stereotyped and discriminated for being Latino. You also talked about Juan and Jorge’s experience when they went shopping on high-end stores and a store clerk asked them to leave, I know exactly how that feels. When I was barely a teenager, my aunt took us to Carmel and at that time the people that lived there barely seen anyone that weren’t white. When we went I had my aunt with me, my grandma and my sisters. We walked to all types of stores, just browsing around. One thing I would never forget from that visit was, when we went to an art store and my aunt asked the clerk how much for a certain painting. First the clerk look at our Filipino faces and said “you don’t need to know the price, because you can’t afford it”. …show more content…

I’m not sure if my aunt even said anything to the clerk. I know I was left speechless, I mean wow just because we didn’t dress with high end brand clothes and weren’t white that does not mean we couldn’t afford what they had. If something like that ever happens to me know, I would definitely give her a piece of my mind. Her ignorance is no excuse for her to treat people like dirt. It should never matter if a person is dress a certain way or talk another language or just browsing. No one has the right to tell a customer to leave for no reason. If one wants to look, they have the right to. Your film A Million To Juan definitely showed a lot of stereotypes, which I think will always exist, but the great thing is it’s not as bad as it used to

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