Steroid Informative Speech

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Cholesterol is actually not that bad for the body in some cases. That doesn’t mean it is sometimes bad though. Like for example it insulates nerve cells in the brain and provides cell membrane structure. The “good” cholesterol is made by the nerve and liver cells. It kind of looks white and waxy. "If you want to see what it looks like in a solidified form, go get yourself a can of Crisco at the grocery store," says Gregory Dehmer, MD, director of the division of cardiology at the Texas A&M College of Medicine. The different types of cholesterol are not all made the same. It can’t properly mix with your blood and since cholesterol is a fat and we are water, those things simply don’t mix. And because they don’t mix cholesterol, cholesterol …show more content…

Anabolic steroids are what athletes use which provides fake testosterone. Anabolic steroids make you “grow muscular and bigger”. Without a prescription from a doctor carrying anabolic steroids is illegal as well as selling them and using them. But, doctors are not allowed to prescribe steroids just so an athlete can get more muscles, it is for people that have different conditions like for example AIDS. Some side effects from taking anabolic steroids include lots of acne, have heart attacks, and can turn bald. Some other side effects are mood swings, delusions, and even have yellow skin. Teenagers that take anabolic steroids can be shorter because they stop growing and teenage girls can become more masculine and stay that way. Steroids are most of the time injected into the blood stream itself. And because of that there is a higher chance of getting hepatitis or HIV. Having high cholesterol can cause heart attacks, strokes, and angina. It can also cause circulation problems. And having high cholesterol is almost unnoticeable, like it kills you but you wouldn’t know. This whole article mainly talks about how both steroids and cholesterol are bad and good things. It also shows all the side effects of having it as

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