Should Athletes Use Steroids?

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Drugs For Thugs

“A positive drug test can destroy an athlete 's career and tarnish his or her legacy”(Porterfield,25). Fans look up to athletes as role models but since fans look up to them so much they do things to stay at the top of there games. Yes athletes want to be the best in the league but it doesn 't take drugs to become that it takes hard work so why do it. So I think there should be a harsher punishment for athletes caught using steroids and performance drugs because of health problems, it gives them an unfair advantage plus it gives the sport and athletes a bad reputation.
To start off steroids and performance drugs should not be used by athletes because it can destroy your body and cause major health problems. “Despite well-documented evidence that steroid abuse is dangerous, athletes are willing to risk their bodies, and perhaps their lives, for a competitive edge”(Steroids: An Overview). Like I said athletes want to do these drugs so they can get to the top of there game and so the fans will stayed hooked to them but this will lead to health issues like death and other problems(Steroids: An Overview). “The International Olympic Committee banned doping in 1967, following cyclist Tommy Simpson 's death in the Tour de France”(Porterfield, 17). So yes doping in sports can …show more content…

Using steroids all of these three topics just stated will just make an athlete 's life even worse. Although steroids can be good for them when you 're sick or in pain they will come back at their body with a harsher side effect. By not using drugs athletes body 's won 't have health issues, players will make the sport more competitive and people won 't hate them, and the fans will have respect for the athlete. So don 't dope in sports because your body was made perfectly and drugs don 't need to harm it. Be the athlete you are and play at the top of your game without using harmful drugs and there bodys will be healthier, will have a great reputation while the sport is still

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