Ideologies In Robert Manne's Stolen Generations

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Most human beings hold on to ideologies, it is what we are nurtured into, but when acting on these ideologies there will be consequences, which is what many humans fail to notice. From a young age, parents, teachers, role models teach us what is good or bad, right or wrong. As the human brain develops later through life, we have more complex ideologies, and we can use them to our benefit. When acting on your worldview suppresses others, there are usually negative outcomes. This ideology is when a certain group of people say that “we” are better than “them”. In Humanities I in action, we learned about the “Stolen Generations” of Australia. An article we read, Stolen Generations by Robert Manne told us that mixed aboriginals in Australia were taken from their families and institutionalized. Because of A.O. Neville’s ideology that since mixed aboriginals were reproducing at an alarming rate, they should be “bred out of color”. When watching the “Human Zoo”, one experiment divided a group of people into team A and team B. Again, the group of people, once together in unity, almost instantaneously have competition, and …show more content…

Under Nurture, there are two main parts: moderate/slightly leaning towards one side, or extreme. What most people are scared of, or should be scared of is the extreme ideology. When extreme ideologies form, you have to be extreme on one side, or the other. If you are moderate, it is likely that you will be caught in the crossfire. Those ideologies that are extreme, are more likely than moderate ideologies to act on their ideology. When looking at genocides, most of the main people who cause them have extreme ideologies, and when those ideologies are supplied with money and power, that is when the formula for humanity’s most toxic poison is brewed. All we can do now is to wait for the younger generation to come, and to nurture them into having more moderate

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