Stop Deporting Immigrant Parents

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Stop Deporting Innocent Immigrant Parents

Should the Immigration Department (ICE) deport innocent parents? Do you think that their children can ever be successful in live after their situation? The Immigration Department (ICE) is an enforcing federal law governing border control so that there homeland secure and public safety. They also deport innocent people that come to the united states for a better life. I really think that it 's sad that an entire race comes to the US just to work and leave a family back suffering. Children can be in a really bad situation that harms their health, education, anger, and depression. Their behavioral problem can rise at school as result of depression and anger. Immigration should stop deporting immigrant parents should stop because it affects children behavior, school performance and increase the number of children in foster care.
Immigration deporting immigrant parents should stop because it affects children 's behavior. Children and their parents live in constant fear of separation because they know deportations are occurring and fear that they could be next. “These …show more content…

Immigration deporting immigrants parents should stop because it affects children performance. The distinction between the activities parents partake in and the attitude parents have towards education was highlighted by several recent studies. Parents involvement in a child 's early education consistently found to be positively associated with a child academic performance. “Children whose parents are more involved in their education have higher levels of academic performance than children whose parents are involved to a lesser degree”(Topor, Keane, Shelton, Calkins). Immigration should stop deporting immigrant parents because it affects children grades and absences. Children need their parents because they need someone that 's there behind them all the time so they can do there work. By children not having their parents it also affects them by going to

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