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Fleece sweater

Winter is coming! And as the weather changes so does the wardrobe. Winter fashion essential is a sweater and it is important that you know which kind of sweater are you investing your money into. Sweaters come in various types and based on fabric it is important to pick a sweater based on the place you live in. If you live in a super cold place, then woolen sweater would be best whereas for a bearable cold place you can pick a cotton sweater. But one versatile fabric that would live up to your expectations is the fleece sweater.

How to look good in cold weather
Unlike summer, winter fashion can bring a stop to your fashion side. But why not embrace the weather and style accordingly? You can now bring a complete manly look with the key trend piece which is layering.
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As they are soft they would be an ideal sweater when you go on dates, where you can impress your woman easily.

Fleece sweater will retain the heat, allow breathability and wouldn 't make you feel stuffy. So for the work days wear your formal dress shirt and layer it with fleece sweater and match it with dress pants or slim fit trousers. Finally, layer the outfit with a parka or jacket which is work appropriate. For shoes stick to dress boots and looking perfect gentleman for your meetings.

When it comes to casual dressing you have plenty of options to pick. From basic tee to Oxfords shirt, polo shirt you can pick any one of them and wear your fleece sweater over it. Now for the bottoms wear jeans and cover yourself with a casual blazer, beanie, scarf, and boots.

Layering with style
If the temperature dips then do dress smartly by double layering with sweaters and jackets that will keep you toasty warm for the winters. Double or triple layering is the perfect option and instead of looking bulky pick the right fit sweaters and

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