Stricter Gun Control Measures

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Another reason I do not agree that the government should endorse stricter gun control measures is because I do not believe the gun in itself is the real issue. The real issue behind all the crimes and violence associated with guns is the owner of the gun. Results from multiple surveys stated that citizens of the U.S own around 300 million firearms. When asking those owners what they use their gun for, 67% said self-defense, 66% said hunting, and 41% said target shooting. A study showed that in 2000 guns were used for self-defense roughly 100,000 times a year. Another study showed that roughly 436,000 violent crimes were committed while using a gun (Agresti & Smith, 2010.). These statistics show many different ways guns can be utilized, none of these statistics show that…show more content…
Most people of the United States can agree when saying that something is wrong and pretending that the violence involving firearms is not happening is not the solution. I don’t believe stricter gun control measures; such as banning is the solution either. Stricter gun control would be ineffective, actually harmful to a law-aiding citizen, and in all would not fix the bigger problem, which are the gun owners and their choices. Gun ownership comes down to just that, ownership. Each individual who purchases a gun is personally liable and responsible for the usage of that gun. This statement coincides with one LaFollette stated in his article stating, Gun owners should be held strictly liable for the crimes in which their gun is involved in, whether it is committed by the owner of not (Lecture notes). The overall role of the government is to protect the citizens of the United States and I do not believe that that role is properly completed if stricter gun control measures are
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