Success In George Gladwell's Outliers The Story Of Success

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What is success? We all want to be successful, but what does it mean? To a child, success may mean not getting into trouble at school. To a student, success means getting an A on a test. For a dance team, it may mean winning a competition. Each individual has a different definition of success. To me, success means accomplishing something you can be proud of and that others can recognize. To be successful one must work hard. I find the ingredient to success is hard work, and getting the most out of opportunities. Gladwell displays this ingredient in the book “Outliers the Story of Success” when he refers to people given an opportunity to work hard, they take the opportunity. I believe it’s exceedingly important to grasp all opportunities given…show more content…
In this chapter Gladwell abolished various myths about success, such as people are born with the ability to be successful. He disproves the idea that success is a matter of individual merit. He does this by showing the opportunities that the successful people like Bill Gates, were given. “These are stories, instead, about people who are given a special opportunity to work really hard and seized it”(Gladwell 67). This quotation fits perfectly with my component of success. The quotation shows, in order to become successful one must take the opportunities given and work really hard at them to become successful. Gladwell makes sure readers know these successful role models didn’t make it to where they are one their own. Some people get more opportunities than others, likely because they have astounding effort. You need to have enough talent and drive to get the opportunities, then you have to seize…show more content…
I couldn’t agree with him more, no one can become successful all by themselves. Just as Bill Gates, and The Beatles took their opportunities and seized them, I am doing the same to become successful. One day I will be a successful teacher, and I will make an impact on my students’ lives. I work hard at everything I do so I can be proud of my achievements. Gladwell proves that success comes from working extremely hard at opportunities, in order to be an outlier and succeed. Success truly is achieved by getting an opportunity and stepping up and taking
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