Success In Sir Winston Churchill's Mistakes

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Success is something everyone vies for. Our society is built upon success- everything from the education system, jobs, happiness, etc... The problem is that success is highly indiviualistic. Everyone has his or her own definition of success. However, Sir Winston Churchill's brilliantly defines what he believes success to be in his quote, "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm". I completely agree with Churchill about this- success is about picking oneself up from one mistake and running headfirst into the mistake. When Winston Churchill said this, I believe he meant that everyone fails and in order to succeed all one needs to do is get back up and fail again, and again, until one time, he or she will succeed. He was saying that true failure is not making a stupid mistake, rather, it is not learning from that mistake and getting down on oneself that is the failure. An example of this is when Charlie Brown fails to kick the football that Lucy is holding (from Charles Schultz's Peanuts) he keeps trying again and again, but he fails to learn from his mistakes, thus, it is a true failure. It is not enough just to try again, one also …show more content…

He is stating the complete opposite, that true success is failing and then running with it. These days, our society seems to value initial success- and it despises failure. In classrooms all over the world, children are ashamed to see their marked up tests, all slashed up with harsh red ink. But, in reality, those markings are fantastic. They are a sign of what the children did not do correctly and now those kids have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. It is not failure to make a mistake, it is human. Humans will make mistakes, as we are fallible. Nonetheless, we can examine our errors and improve enough to make slightly smarter

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