Summary Of Aztecs By Inga Clendinnen

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The Book Aztecs: An Interpretation by Inga Clendinnen attempts to recreate and examine the rituals and the social norms of the ancient Aztecs through her interpretation. Inga Clendinnen writes this book with vivid imagery placing the reader into the scene with her interpretation. The very first part talks about the ancient city of Tenochtitlan. Clendinnen, describes the city’s architecture being surrounded by water and safe from enemies attacks. Then she also describes the God’s and ceremonies that took place within that society. Clendinnen argues her point is that the mexica people were more than a society of people that killed each other. One of the many important thought out this book was the section about the roles in Mexica society. The …show more content…

With the scriptures written on the walls in Tenochtitlan one can infer how the warriors looked and how they have lived at that point time. Mexica men success and status was depended on how many warriors they had killed in fierce one on one combat. The Mexica men who chosen this life had to accepted the fact that they could be killed at any moment and, that can be a sacrifice, unexpected death or even killed in a war. The role of being a Mexica warrior was a tough life but, the life of a warrior is indeed seen as honorable. The Priest in the Mexica Society Were sons of lords and were taken into priest school when they were around the ages of ten years old to thirteen. The training of young priest started when they were around seven years old of age. When the priest turned 15 years old that’s when they were expected to do military training. The priest suffered a similar possible fate with death on the battle field. Priest were also faced with the possibility of failure which can result in to public humiliation by peers. Priest were seen as elite in the ancient Mexica society so they seemed a little more privileged then the

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