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Name: Conor Topic: Survivor General Purpose: To persuade, Specific Purpose: To persuade the class on why my video is better and why survivor is the best TV show. Central Idea: To show the positive aspects on why Survivor is the best TV ever. Introduction: Have you ever wondered why Survivor is the best TV show ever? Preview Statement (Today I am going to talk about the problem with my literacy narrative,why my video genre remix is better, what you can do to show that Survivor is the best tv show Body: My literacy narrative had many problems which made it ineffective. A. My exigence was how Survivor inspired my literacy narrative but I went on rant on what a Survivor jury is which made it unclear. B. I also really did not have a specific audience because I…show more content…
My video genre is better than a literacy narrative because I have actually visual examples of the show Survivor. By making a video I could reach a wider such as the younger generation because Survivor is a TV show and no one would care to read why survivor is a TV show they need visual examples. B. I had more of a specific audience compared to my literacy narrative because my audience is 18 to 35 year olds. And on this season of Survivor which is called Survivor Heroes vs Healers, vs Hustlers 14 out of the 18 castaways are 35 or younger so clearly the younger generation is what CBS is looking for. C. I also have a specific exigence that backs of my video genre which is why Survivor is the best TV show ever. Which makes my video genre more of just one topic compared to my literacy narrative which was disorganized. III. There are many aspects the younger generation can do to prove they think that Survivor is the best TV show ever. If you are are college you can start a Survivor club. Also you can start a fan made Survivor over the summer and go to different Survivor podcast

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