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Susan Madrigal is an alumnus from UC Merced, with a degree in psychology and Latin. She is currently a student affairs officer at Le Grand High School and has been working there for the past three years. She has been helping students achieve their success in helping them towards their college career goals. Having spent so much time in using writing in her career, she became the ideal person to interview. Susan has a compelling and hard work personality and presents many characteristics of having good research and writing skills as well as being a critical thinker to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. Susan’s perspective about writing is that it is a necessary tool in any career field and should be used on an everyday basis. In her field, writing is imperative and used every single day. She feels that her writing has to be clear and concise especially when it comes to being about a student. Her main audiences are teachers, students, counselors, principals, or other professionals. At times, other universities are also her main audience. She uses her writing skills into her profession by writing reports, helping students apply for college, emailing professors or colleges. Before preparing students to go to college, she writes down and …show more content…

During her undergrad journey in college, Susan had to take many writing classes, but those were not the only ones that required writing. She took many psychology classes and almost all of them required writing long papers in different subjects such as forensic, development, and abnormal psychology. Including as well as her Spanish courses, she had to write many papers and create power point presentations. She often had to use her writing skills to send formal emails to her professors asking them questions in a professional matter. Susan feels everyone is can excel more than they possible can and can be capable of improving their writing

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