Sustainability: Is Tourism Sustained?

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Is Tourism sustained? … Unfortunately the answer is no, tourism is not sustained, however according to (Harris, Griffin and Williams, 2012, p, 26.) “One does not have to be an optimist that tourism will grow substantially over the next century .Apparently; however one does have to be an optimist to regard this as a positive development”. Well, I have confidence in the likelihood to balance the economy, environment, and culture of tourism locations to achieve sustainability. However this will not be accomplished overnight, several procedures would have to be standardized and maintained in order to achieve this balance. According to the oxford English dictionary the word “sustainability” means able to be maintained at a certain rate or level, and the word “Tourism” means the practise of touring, traveling for pleasure. Sustainability in this sense it refers to the environment and its resources. Unsustainability therefore is caused by human beings believing that the environment and its resources are infinite, when their economic subsystems were small. However, it is now the excruciating reality that both the environment and its resources are infinite and need to be monitored. There is no clear or persist definition of Sustainability tourism, According to (Harris, Griffin, Williams, 2012, p, 36.) “Sustainable Tourism is tourism that is developed and preserved in a manner, and at such a balance, that it remains economically
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