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Aramex Aramex has grown rapidly to become a global brand, recognized for its dedicated services and innovative products. Aramex is listed on the UAE-based Dubai Financial Market, with a central location at the crossroads between East and West, making us offer customized logistics solutions anywhere in the world to effectively reach out to more companies and consumers regionally and globally ( Aramex n.d.). We are dealing with our overseas clients. This is the fundamental foundation for the sustainable development of our business and our commitment to facilitating wider world trade in a constantly changing world ( Aramex n.d.). ARAMEX began its operations in Jordan in 1982 as a fast-moving international carrier and quickly became…show more content…
These statements will have a short-term positive impact on this entity, which adds to its value ( Anonymous 2016). • Customers typically rebel against increases in prices to move for matching products, but, if a company possess power of prices, customers will continue to use the products and services of Aramex. Aramex has a capacity to charge higher prices for customers (wbot 2016). • A strong supply chain helps Aramex get the right resources from suppliers and deliver the right product to customers in a timely manner (wbot…show more content…
• The availability of replacement products adversely affects Aramex's price-increasing capability as customers can easily switch to another product or service (Wbot 2016). Competitive advantage: Aramex has outperformed from their competitors due to: 1. Innovative: • Innovations are deeply rooted in the corporate culture of Aramex, and this has long been the driving force behind growth. Aramex Services. Initially, this was due to listening to customers and developing new products and services which meet the needs of the market (Kehl n.d.). • At Aramex, creativity is celebrated and rewarded. Small and big ideas come from all levels of the company to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction (Kehl n.d.). • Aramex constantly invests in the development and use of advanced technology to increase operating costs efficiency, service quality and empowerment of their people (Kehl n.d.). 2. Responsiveness to customers: Aramex guarantees that all customers have the right: • Information and protection against fraudulent, deceptive or misleading information and access to accurate information ( Hachem

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