The Poisonwood Tree Symbol Analysis

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Symbolism plays a major role in the two novels Things Fall Apart and The Poisonwood Bible. The most significant symbols in Things Fall Apart is fire and the locusts. A couple of symbols in The Poisonwood Bible are the parrot, Methuselah, the garden, and the Poisonwood tree. These symbols not only reflect various parts of their respective books, but also provide deeper meaning to the novel. The novel Things Fall Apart has deeper literary meaning than what is on the surface. It has multiple significant symbols that portray deeper thinking. To start, the fire that Okonkwo references many times in the novel reflects his overall attitude. This fire alludes to his dangerous anger and intensity. Yet it is very ironic that Okonkwo actually states …show more content…

First off, the parrot serves as a good symbol in this novel, for it symbolizes the Republic of Congo. He also symbolizes the Congo in that he is denied freedom by having to live in a cage most his life. This parrot also eventually will become vulnerable, and be taken out by a greater power just as the Congo are. The reference of the parrot symbolizing the Congo is significant in the plot of this novel, and in the theme of the novel. One of the overall messages of this text is that greediness and arrogance can overtake us, and ruin our life. In specific in the Poisonwood Bible, it is the family coming from the “West” over to the Congo. They brought over an attitude where they immediately looked down upon the Congo citizens. I think many of us can learn from this by not judging a book by its cover, which means don’t assume a group of people by what they look like, and where they live. Another symbol is the demonstration garden. The plants in the garden symbolize the attitudes and beliefs of the Prices in the Congo, because the plants are from the USA so they don’t grow well in Africa. In more layman 's terms however, the garden shows that Nathan thinks that the Congolese aren’t capable of planting their own food. This goes to show again that he is arrogant, and racist against them. He doesn’t even think about the fact that they would’ve had to grow their own food to live. This to me is a very significant point, and trait about Nathan. Lastly the garden symbolizes the Garden of Eden in the Bible. It does this by showing Nathan’s sin of ignorance to the Congolese. The Garden of Eden is relatable, cause Adam and Eve sin by grasping for truth and knowledge. In terms of the overall work, the garden shows that you should consider one’s viewpoint and stance before you judge them completely wrong. The final symbol for this book is the poisonwood tree which Nathan

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