Symbols In The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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The Kite Runner The Kite Runner is a book that takes place in Afghanistan. It is about a boy named Amir and how he treats his Hazara, Hassan his best friend and serevent. Amir and Hassan, were always together and faced many things. In this book, the author Khaled Hosseini used a lot of symbolism. Three symbols are the slingshot, Hassan , and the pomegranate tree. These symbols are important because they help the reader better understand how the characters feel. The slingshot is important because it shows that Hassan isn’t helpless and that he has the guts to stand up for himself. It also shows power and that he’s not going to be pushed around. It shows that him and his son have something in common. Hassan and his son both stood up for Amir using the slingshot when Assef was trying to hurt amir. It was a great thing for him and his son to bond over and he taught his son how to be a great shot just like him. The slingshot is important because it shows guts and power. …show more content…

He shows loyalty to Amir even when he doesn’t deserve it. Hassan supports Amir in everything that he does and he does whatever he ask him to do even if he doesn’t want to. Even when Amir betrays him he still is loyal, like the time he was raped in the ally and Amir didn’t do anything to stop it. Hassan will take the blame for amir no matter what he did. Hassan is important because he represents true loyalty. Lastly the pomegranate tree is important because it represents Amir and Hassan’s friendship and bond. They spent most of their time sitting in that tree. They would sit up it the tree and shoot the neighbors dog with the slingshot. Some of their best memories took place in the pomegranate tree. When Amir returns to Kabul the tree is dying and it reminds him of losing connection with Hassan. The pomegranate tree is important because it represents Amir and Hassan’s life long

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