Tackle Football Persuasive Speech

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Adrenaline courses through your body as your trusted QB, John Smith, passes the ball over to you and you break free of the tight defense they have fortified around you and John. Time is ticking down, and this touchdown is the thin line between victory and defeat. You accelerate, feeling the wind breeze against your cheeks as the distance between the end zone and you grow shorter and shorter. 15 yards …. 10 yards …. Almost there ….. 5 yards ….. Time to bring home the trophy! These thoughts race in your mind, but suddenly, a colossal 18 years old, 6’4, 250 pound high schooler is the only obstacle between you and the end zone. He rams into you hard, so hard that not only does the ball fall out of your hand, but you feel as if the ground has been pulled under you. The over-used, worn-out helmet offers practically no cushion between you and the cold, hard ground, and you collapse and all the wind …show more content…

Tackle football may seem all fun and games, however, the threat of injury is out there, with athletes participating in tackle football risk 3 times the percentage of a serious injury than other sports. Even though this threat is present, tackle football itself is too much ingrained in the PSAL system and pro league, and change is not always welcomed even if there are some problems. However, the public must be educated about the dangers of tackle football so that concussion related injuries will be lowered. Recently someone in the high school that I attend, Abner Kahan, petitioned for the option of flag football to be available as an official PSAL sport for those who attend Stuyvesant. His introduction and argument about legalizing flag football sounds persuasive, yet his goal of a miniscule amount of 100 votes was not reached, because of 2

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