Tb2 Case Study

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Chapter 2: Case study

Rehabilitation and Expansion of Cairo International Airport Terminal Building No.2, Egypt

The Project for renewal and expanding the capacity of Cairo International Airport was undertaken under a contract which was signed with Cairo Airport Company on August 14, 2011.
The capacity of Terminal Building No 2 which currently has an annual capacity of 3.5 million passengers is planned be upgraded to 7.5 million passengers a year through various renewals to be made and therefore, the capacity of Cairo International Airport will also reach approximately 25 million passengers. Under the Project taken over and started being constructed on January 30, 2012, for the purpose of restructuring the terminal to allow
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Thus, the key elements of a partnering project can be construed as:

• Communication
Efficient communication is a very important aspect for any project. TB2 construction/ management team tried to breakdown the usual barriers of communication, making it more open, so that anyone can speak to anyone thereby enabling problems to be solved at lower levels rather than having to go all the way to the top and back down again. The outcome of this is: faster response times; greater involvement and responsibility of participants in decision making; and a friendlier, more cooperative project team.

• Commitment
Traditionally the commitment of a party in a construction project has been to a particular area without much thought to what happens outside their own area of expertise.
TB2 construction, management, and client representative team including top management were keen to show their full commitment to the overall goals of the project, and the partnering
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Geographically dispersed project teams
Many project teams are geographically dispersed. Projects are inherently collaborative efforts. Often, project teams incorporate multiple organizations. Team members can not only be employees, but also clients, vendors, sub-contractors, and other third parties. Sometimes the entire project team belongs to the same company or organization, yet they often work from different offices either within the U.S. or globally. (Alliance, n.d.)
Project management mistakes

A lot of companies potentially faces countless mistakes that affect projects, cause delays and, in some cases, contribute to complete project failure.
These are some of the common project management mistakes that happened in the ‘Rehabilitation and Expansion of Cairo International Airport’ project and how they were resolved:

1. Employing a project manager lacking experience
Knowledge of running status meetings, developing a project plan, managing risks and issues, and dealing with stakeholders is crucial to the successful outcome of the project.
Whenever possible, Senior PMs can be shadowed by a junior counterpart.
This way, the new PM learns the ropes while on the job and in turn, the experienced PM has the satisfaction of passing on his hard-earned

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