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2.a) The school Governors are volunteers who ensure a school is run efficiently, they work with the school to deliver good quality education, they set the schools aims and policies whilst working with the head teacher. They also make sure the schools budget is spent correctly and the building is being run well and safely. Senior Management Team (SMT) consists of the head teacher, deputy heads and the heads of the departments. They have a collective responsibility for the efficient daily running and discipline of the school, assisting the head teacher in leadership and management and is designed to allow strategic day to day responsibilities. Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Is a teacher responsible for any pupils with special …show more content…

They prepare lessons for a range of abilities within the classroom and also meet with parents to keep them up to date with how they the children are progressing with their education and behaviour. The teaching assistants role is to work closely with the class teacher and help any pupils that need additional support. They will carry out any specific duties that are outlined in the pupil 's Individual Learning Plan (IEP) and provide feedback about pupil 's difficulties or progress to the class teacher. The roles of other support staff such as cleaners, dinner staff, caretakers, administrative staff are integral to the daily running of the school. Each role ensures the school runs smoothly and safely for the pupils attending. 2.b) Many schools also have external professionals who help pupils with any additional needs such as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) or an Educational Psychologist. They are an important part of the school and help pupils meet the performance standards needed. An SLT 's role is to assess children with any speech or communication problems and help them to communicate to the best of their ability. As such, they work closely with nurses, doctors and occupational therapists and report back their

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