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I had a wonderful time today when I interviewed this inspirational young lady Theia Smallwood from TeamUp Counseling; she is an intensive in home clinician/Individual Support Services Supervisor. Ms. Smallwood was energetic and blissful to talk about her career and her experience with her employer. She oversee master level clinicians who are working on becoming license master level clinicians social worker. Working on her job for 3 years she explained to me how much she loved her job and how much the experiences has been positive. She has earned her clinical hours and hands on face to face clinical experience. Besides all the paperwork, and she explain to me that there is a lot of paperwork, she is ecstatic to help her clients and her employees (Smallwood, 2017). TeamUP Counseling, LLC is a Medicaid approved intensive in-home therapeutic program for young people suffering from intellectual and developmental delays. All clinical services and mentoring are offered in the home and community setting where the youth/family resides (TeamUp, n.d). In order to be consider eligible for TeamUp exhaustive in-home clinical program; your child must have been diagnosed with having a developmental disability, an intellectual disability, has been struggling with psychological or behavioral problems, and /or has an intelligent or developing delay, they …show more content…

Treatment services are provided by Masters and Licensed Level Clinicians. TeamUP Counseling adopts a strengths-based, wraparound approach when working with youth and families. The TeamUP approach is to work together to unlock your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL (TeamUp).” Ms. Smallwood explain to me that every employee must keep an open mind and provide the best potential services to empower their client so that they can be and do all that they can

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