Technological Advancement

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Technology has improved tremendously these past ten years or so. It has changed so many things such as: individual lives, employment opportunities, business industries, recreation industries, and entertainment industries. Technology has changed many things and made a lot of things much easier and more efficient. Technology has changed many lives for the better. Without this advancement in technology the world wouldn’t be what it is today. Technology has impacted many individual lives. It has helped communication across the world. For example, you can skype someone across the world whenever and whomever you please. “Communication has been made easier for example the internet brought e-mail and chatting facilities” (Admin, 2012). They now have Skype available on some mobile devices to make it more convenient to use the app. Employment opportunities have defiantly increased because of technology. They have made it to where you can work from home. This makes it easy and more efficient to get your work done. It actually causes for less stress because you’re not sitting around a bunch of people in a loud office building. You also don’t have to worry about getting to work on schedule because all you have to do is pull out your computer and get to work. Another advancement is they now have job applications online. This saves you the time and gas for driving up there and if you happen to get the job you applied for you can also summit your résumés electronically.…show more content…
Now they have faster and more efficient ways to keep up with their members. All they have to do is type all of your information into a computer and it remains there for when they need it next. Now most of your local gyms have T.V.s on all the cardio equipment. This makes it more “fun” to go to the gym and work out and now you don’t have to miss your favorite show. “Another great area significantly changed by improvements is promotions and publicity” (Murphy, 2000).
Technology in the medical field has changed over the years. Now they have all different types of computers for storing your personal information. They have all health records stored in the computers. This makes it where anyone in the building can access them from any location. This not only saves more time but also makes for more accurate data. They also have heart monitors to make sure your heart is functioning the way it’s supposed to. Technology also helps out with surgeries. It allows surgeons to perform procedures in minimally invasive ways that wasn’t possible a few years ago (Banova,

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