Essay On 21st Century Technology

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The growth of technology is constantly increasing everyday as people always find a way to either improve upon it or make something new out of it. Technology has been incorporated into almost everyone’s lives; whether it is from work, school, and even for their own entertainment. Almost anyone cannot go a day without seeing some sort of glowing screen; especially children. In 1999, 60% of children had access to a computer at home (Subrahmanyam et al p.124), which was only 18 years ago. Technology had advanced a whole lot in the past decade. One of those aspects of advancement is for children. There are many applications on tablets and computers that they can use for either learning or pure entertainment. Chip Donohue, Dean of Distance Learning …show more content…

Technology is a factor that will help them prepare for the 21st century workplace. It is apparent that computers use within schools and workplaces rapidly increased throughout time, and it will definitely continue to increase in the future. Harriet Rubin, executive editor of Currency/Doubleplay, was part of a 1994 interview by Joshua D. Macht. The interview consisted of different people from different workplaces explaining how technology is taking over. Rubin described, “People are working harder and are more enslaved to their work than before. People I know are walking around with beepers, with laptops or organizers, with portable phones. They’re becoming slaves to high technology.” There are several jobs that require some sort of skill of technology, and so it will be very important that children will know and learn how to handle it; because in the future, the use of technology will increase from more than what Rubin explained. Computer typing is a very useful skill. Besides the fact that finger touching is a very competent way to train the brain, it also increases their word processing skills which is a necessity in college and the workplace (Patsalides). If schools will continue to implement teaching children how to use computers, their technological skills will enhance and will truly prepare them for the future that will be filled with

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