Technology Can Benefit Young Children

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The growth of technology is constantly increasing everyday as people always find a way to either improve upon it or make something new out of it. Technology has been incorporated into almost everyone’s lives; whether it is from work, school, and even for their own entertainment. Almost anyone cannot go a day without seeing some sort of glowing screen; especially children. In 1999, 60% of children had access to a computer at home (Subrahmanyam et al p.124), which was only 18 years ago. Technology had advanced a whole lot in the past decade. One of those aspects of advancement is for children. There are many applications on tablets and computers that they can use for either learning or pure entertainment. Chip Donohue, Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education Director, had asked teachers if they ever utilized technology in their classes in the curriculum. He usually had “no” as a response; but the teachers that were asked the question really do not see the DVD players, recorders, cameras, and other electronic devices as technology. It is because that when the word “technology” came up, they probably thought that Donohue was referring to a computer or an iPad (¨Technology Can Benefit Young Children¨). It really is almost the same except that the technology had furthered on into more advances and power, making it all different for the teachers who prefer the traditional teaching style than a way that has to do with technology. This is a big leap for some teachers, but
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