Alone In The Wilderness Analysis

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The first thing everyone does in the morning is check their phone, it 's a habit for nearly everyone on the planet. Using technology is just common sense in this day in age, it 's taken for granted but it’s not the only thing taken for granted on a daily basis. What people do not notice is how important relationships are to everyday life as well as how much everyone relies on the relationships they have. The author’s Brooks, Budnitz, and Yuen make it clear to see how love and relationships are more powerful than technology even though technology is used on a daily basis. Technology is a safety net protecting this generation from human interaction, this is not a bad thing everyone needs to have a safety net to rely on every once in a while …show more content…

Within the text of Solitary Man: Alone in the Wilderness by Isaac Yuen, the author talks about the life of Richard Proenneke a man who left everything to live in the wilderness. The author Yuen says that “it is evident throughout the film that Proenneke harbors a deep sense of love for living creatures” which is what everyone needs to have. Every day we take things for granted but what if we just go back in time before technology, a time where everything was hand crafted. No one took things for granted they appreciated the things that they had especially one another. Everyone relied on one another for things like need help moving something head over to the neighbors, need an egg for baking head to the neighbors get an egg bake and bring some over to share. Now a days we hire someone to move things and we just get in the car and go buy what was going to be made and because things are so simple we don 't appreciate how easy things are now compared to back then. Thankfully we still have relationships with neighbors and people in the community and that 's all we need to connect with the roots of our ancestors. If technology were to disappear today we would be okay because there are strong relationships in the

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