Teen Adety And Depression: Teen Depression And Anxiety

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Teen Depression and Anxiety Marissa a is teen who goes to a private high school in Arizona some believe to see her as an exceptional student. She is a very happy go lucky girl who never seems to have a problem. Little did she know that something was going to rock her world. After being in the chapel like any other Wednesday, her friends blew up her phone with texts after texts. They were saying “Alexa is gone” and “Alexa was in an accident and didn’t make it”. Marissa froze and felt her world stop. She got up and left chapel because she needed fresh air. She could feel her heart drop as she heard the sound of it breaking. This morning Marissa was not expecting to lose her best friend. Due to all the heartbreak and tears, Marissa deals the everyday struggle of depression and anxiety. Every morning she rolls out of bed she lives with this burden that she could have done more. Marissa has so many friends, yet she still feels alone. Marissa 's story may be unique but depression and anxiety affect 1 in 8 students every single day (Children and Teens 1). Anxiety and depression are treatable illnesses and many people are there to help. Sadly, 80% of teens with anxiety and 60% of teens with depression are not getting treatment (Children and Teens 1). No one should deal with such serious grief on their own. Counselors, friends, teachers, and parents all play a crucial in a part of a plan that God has made for teens so that they may prosper in the end. Depression and anxiety are
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