Reaction Paper About Teenage Suicide

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Teen suicide Teen suicide is really important. It’s caused by depression, substances abuse, changes at home, and peer preassure. Teens and parents can prevent this from happening all around the world. Teen’s suicide main cause is depression. To seek depression in a person look for long terms of sadness, feeling of worthlessness, mood swings, and etc. Depression is caused by physical changes to the brain, loss of a loved one, and hormone’s. Physical changes in the brain play a big role in depression. Physical changes in the brain leads to a shrinkage in the part of the brain called hippocampus. Hippocampus is the region of the brain that is associated with memory, which is particularly important in regulating emotional responses. This physical brain change can be reversed. Antidepressants can help prevent this…show more content…
Teen drug abuse can cause teens brains to become rotten at an early age that creates depression and sadness. Facts show that teens that use drugs to cope with depression are the main ones to commit suicide while others that just use it to cope with smaller things, turns around and stop using drugs. Substance abuse is very common among people who are dealing with depression. Because alcohol is a well-known to stop the pain for a while, the use of this drug tends to trigger more depression symptoms like sadness and hopelessness. In order to prevent this from happening to your child look for these flaws News friends, Increased secretiveness, Pulling back from family and friends, Paying less attention to appearance and hygiene, and Dropping school grades. Sometimes teens feel so depressed, and so overwhelmed with life, that they turn to drugs to help them feel better. Which is called self-medicating, and it can lead to teen drug abuse. This drug abuse can, turn or lead to high depression. Which if not treated can result in teen
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