Causes Of Drinking At Home Essay

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Parents are Causing the Spread of Teenage Drinking A group of teenagers were driving home after a party, all drunk including the driver. While on their way home, the driver was so drunk that he ended up going head on to oncoming traffic. A fun night turned into fatal, If it weren’t for the parents allowing alcohol at these get togethers, those few teens wouldn’t have passed away. Teenage drinking is spreading throughout the country because of parents. “Among high school teens, those who tend to avoid alcohol are more than twice as likely as those who repeatedly use alcohol to say their parents never let them drink at home” (Wallace 8). Drinking at home rather than at parties makes parents feel safer and make students less likely to drink other than at home. Though that’s not…show more content…
“According to a recently released study of teens by SADD and Liberty Mutual Insurance, the number of 16-and 17-year-olds reporting that their parents allow them to drink at home, host alcohol-included parties, and drink at parties away from home is on the rise” (Wallace 8). Many parents might’ve thought that this would prevent their teen from drinking at parties, however that’s slowly reversing. This situation has led teens to getting into under the influence car accidents. Society needs to watch over its youth to prevent this from happening. These incidents are becoming more and more common, especially at parties. Alcohol is not only leaving teens impaired, but leaving them facing threats and drunk driving, enabled by adults (Wallace 8). These incidents wouldn’t be as common if it wasn’t for the parents purchasing alcohol for teens. “According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. If students are driving back from parties and not

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