School Shooting Timeline

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In Florida, the School shooting took place on Feb 14 2018. At Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school Nikolas Cruz a 19 year old man, set off fire alarms to get kids to run in the hallways so he could open fire on the students with an AR-15 assault rifle. In addition, Cruz noxiously killed 17 people and injured over a dozen others. To escape, he dropped his weapon and blended in with the crowd of students, although, Cruz was later captured in Coral Springs at 3:41 p.m.(Farber, "Florida School Shooting Timeline"). Since the 2012 school shooting at Sandy Hook there has been 142 school shootings in America.(Carissimo, "There Have Been 45 School Shootings in the US This Year"). Terrorism is the illegal use of violence mainly towards civilians, …show more content…

Additionally, terrorist commit murder for psychological reasons. Psychological terrorism is the acting on others by your thought process. Typically about your well being or state of mind from an disorder or a disease. Sometimes it can be a side effect of another action that do not seek to inflict terror on people but usually it always does. Psychological terrorism does not necessarily have to be physical it can be internal, like a fear of something happening again. The littlest thing could trigger that fear to reappear and it creates an lasting terror which is considered Psychological terrorism.(Wiesen and Bailey, "What Is Psychological Terrorism?"). Studies show that a great number of lone wolf terrorist have a diagnosable mental illness. Which causes them to react out of anger which may include high stress, relationship problems, social skills, violent communications and being very intelligent. It is usually when someone has taken a shot at their ego to make them show that they have a lot of power and demand respect. Scientist say the best way to prevent psychological terrorism is to have a Risk Reduction Planning tools to young youth to make them feel involved so by the time they get older they won’t also become a lone wolf. There is also a huge possibility that this terrorism could happen from a failure of a relationship, friendship or lost of a family member. There is a lot of children in the world who has personal problems at home that people need to take in consideration early, so the stress don’t build up to cause them to lose their minds. Studies show these effects of harming other pedestrians comes from family violence, abuse, neglect and most importantly bullying. To help these cases these children should be provided treatment to help them with their basic life and their interpersonal skills. Also law enforcement need to stop babying the youth that

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