The Ant Character Analysis

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“Gotta get ready for winter,” The Ant told the Grasshopper. “Why?” said the protagonist Grasshopper in the story “The Ant and the Grasshopper” by Rob John. Life is hard and when you have to work for something even though it might be hard you should do it, don’t sit back and wait for something to happen. Take grasshopper for example, Grasshopper is a irresponsible bug that learns his lesson along the way but that lesson comes with a huge consequence, but he doesn’t learn it until he makes a few mistakes like being unprepared and very lazy and not collecting food for the cold winter. The most important reason that the Grasshopper is irresponsible is that he is lazy. Grasshopper is lazy because he chills out and thinks everything will be done for him. Even when the ant was working, Grasshopper tried to persuade Ant, “Don’t go Ant”,Grasshopper said. “come pass the day with me.” Luckily Ant denied the offer. This is important because Grasshopper is not going to have food for the winter. This is significant because, by not having food for the winter he going to rely on someone else like the Ant and he’s going to say, “I told you so.” Secondly, he said …show more content…

Grasshopper is ill prepared by not gathering food himself for the upcoming winter. This is important because he pays the price for not getting things done so you can go through the winter easy with no struggles. Also he said, and I quote, “i’ve never seen a more silly creature, than a ant.” This is significant because Ant wasn’t that silly after all, the grasshopper was not busy or anything and he sat not collecting food for the winter, just sitting, be unprepared. In the end this comes back to grasshopper and turns his world upside down. lastly he came to the ants house unprepared and asked for food, but since he called him silly the ant said no. The ant responded with “that was just a joke,can you spare a couple ears of

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