The Boys On The Bus Essay

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The Boys on the Bus questions

1. In chapter 1 of “The Boys on the Bus”, Timothy Crouse quotes Karl Fleming (former political reporter) “You delude yourself into thinking, ‘Well, if I get on the bad side of these guys, then I’m not gonna get all that good stuff.’ But pretty soon the realization hits that there isn’t any good stuff, and there isn’t gonna be any good stuff.” This statement can be applied to today’s election. Explain what Fleming means by this statement with regards to the narrative within this book. Compare events that occurred in the McGovern and Muskie campaign verses the Clinton and Trump campaign in today’s environment.

2. In chapter 1“The Boys on the Bus”, Timothy Crouse coined a phrase still in use today termed “Pack journalism”. Define the term and provide at least 3 examples from his book and 3 examples from the current Presidential election process.

3. This quote from Richard Reeves of the New York Magazine is located in chapter 3 “Politicians are different from you and me,” Reeves went on, apropos of McGovern. “The business of reaching for power does something to a man—it closes him off from other men until, day by day, he …show more content…

In chapter 7 of “The Boys on the Bus” the quote “I don’t think people ought to believe only one news medium,” Walter Cronkite told an interviewer during the Republican Convention. “They ought to read and they ought to go to opinion journals and all the rest of it. I think it’s terribly important that this be taught in the public schools, because otherwise, we’re gonna get to a situation because of economic pressures and other things where television’s all you’ve got left. And that would be disastrous.” Explain how Walter Cronkite’s predictions were/were not correct about the medias impact. How is the print media adjusting to the technological age? What has the print media done to fight the power of television? How have they transitioned over the years in the attempt to maintain their validity and

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