The Case Of KOVR-TV V. Superior Court Of Los Angeles County

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Actions that led community members to experience shock, per the extreme and outrageous conduct element of the rule, were categorized as “extreme and outrageous.” In KOVR-TV v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County, 37 Cal.Rptr.2d 431 (Cal. 1993), a report’s behavior was constituted as extreme out outrages, when he informed unaccompanied minors that their next-door neighbor killed her children and then committed suicide (Id. at 432, 433). Saxenmeyer (KOVR-TV reporter) “interrogated” three children, under the age of twelve without adult supervision, as to the activities happening outside (Id. at 432). When the children demonstrated that they were unaware of any incident, Saxenmeyer informed the underage children of the murder of their friends, …show more content…

Hersh joined the cast and was surrounded by fifteen men who he labeled “average,” similar to him. The show had a new name called, “One Chance (Hersh).” At first, the men were informed that the show was a dating show, but after a month the show changed. When eight of the original fifteen men were left, Dellinger brought in “hunks” who “looked like male models,” according to Hersh. Dellinger then subjected the “runts” to a “segment called “school days.” Hersh stated that, “I heard a producer say “runts” versus “hunks.” The segment consisted of “recess,” where the two teams participated in dodge ball. Hersh stated, I was in a state of panic. In my mind, I was back in grade school. I also felt trapped, because there was no way for me to get back to the house. As I walked out to the playground, I pleaded with the producers, begging them to let me out of …show more content…

In KOVR-TV, the children were subjected to the media bombarding them and revealing sensitive information. The three children, all under twelve and without adult supervision, were “interrogated” by Saxenmyer. (Id. at 432) Saxenmeyer, then, informed three kids that Mrs. Weber murdered the Weber children. He does not stop there; he went on to tell the children that the mother committed suicide. (Id. at 433). His behavior was the epitome of extreme and outrageous. These actions were synonymous with Hersh’s case. Hersh, just as the children, was subjected to unwarranted and extreme conduct, when the jocks assaulted him with dodge balls. Dellinger, similar to Saxenmeyer, wanted to entertain the audience. These were two examples of how individuals in television severely overstepped their bounds. Hersh did not do anything to warrant or induce such lewd behavior. The judge in KOVR-TV found that Saxenmeyer behaved in an extreme and outrageous manner and the children in that case did not depict the emotional suffering that Hersh experienced. (Id. at 435) If KOVR-TV and Saxenmeyer were found in breach of this rule, then there is an evident basis to bolster the belief that Hersh will win his

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