The Chrysalids David Character Analysis

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In the novel, The Chrysalids, we see the intolerance of society towards a circle of telepaths. This causes the telepaths to escape their society, seeking for a better life. David, the protagonist of the story and a telepath, is supported by the audience for showing his bravery in attempting to escape, but there is more to David that makes him an agreeable character. David is someone we favour because he has admirable traits and stands for his own beliefs, and without those traits he would not be valiant figure. David shows us kindness by caring for and helping others, and being friendly to everyone. David’s caring nature is shown throughout the story, even when he was not fighting for him and his telepaths. When Sophie injures her foot, David stays with her and tries his best to attend to her needs since she is immobile. We can see that David cannot leave someone behind even if they are a person who he just encountered. We can expect David in any case to aid a stranger even though the damage may be miniscule. When David is escaping with Petra and Rosalind, he …show more content…

David is awfully friendly to everyone he approaches even if he knows that they can jeopardize his and the telepaths safety. When he first meets Sophie, he presents a welcoming atmosphere about him which puts Sophie at ease and convinces her to go and play with David. They quickly become friends and continue to entertain each other with their presence. David displays positive emotions when interacting with others. When David and Sophie are playing in the river, Alan approaches them. David’s first reaction is to shield Sophie and protect her from being suspected as a blasphemy, however, he keeps a calm demeanour and acts friendly to Alan in the same way he would act to everyone else, although Alan can pose as a huge threat. No matter who it is, David values everyone and will act respectfully to those he

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