The D-Day Normandy Invasion

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On Tuesday June 6, 1944, during World War II, the Allied Forces invaded France on the beaches in Normandy. This Day was called “Operation Overlord” and was also one of the best known D-Day’s in World War II. The D-Day invasion was a huge turning point in history. It was done to try to end World War II as well as Hitler’s reign of terror. To make this invasion successful it needed a lot preparation and commitment. During this process the soldiers that were a part of the invasion experienced violence and brutal deaths. The effects of D-Day were accomplished by the Allied forces in the defeat of the Germans.
The preparation of D-Day took a lot of work and determination. The United States was looking for a way to gain back France from the
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According to the eye witness, Robert Edlin, which joined the first wave of soldiers of the assault on Omaha Beach. The assault boat he was on hit a sandbar and the coxswain could not get in any further. They had to figure a way to get out of the boat. So before they all died they jumped off the sides of the boat. Edlin, even though it was June, said that the water was freezing. He guessed and said that the water must have been close to forty-five or fifty degrees. As he was swimming he could see all the lifeless soldiers around him. He went directly across the beach and could see bodies of men lying behind beach obstacles. He continued to scream their names and he told them “to get up and go!” The soldiers were too worn out and defeated to do anything and there was not any time for Edlin to stop and help them. When he realized that he could not help any of the soldiers he went further down the beach and he noticed mines and obstacles everywhere around him. The plan was to blow up all the mines, nothing had been touched. He realized the plan that was set to happen for that part of the beach did not succeed. When he was almost at the seaway when he was hit by, what he assumes was, a sniper bullet that shattered his leg and broke it. He fell and dropped his rifle and as he was crawling to get it he was shot again in the other leg by a machine gun that tore his muscles out of it. He…show more content…
This invasion was the most significant victory for the Allies. If D-Day did not happen when it did, the Allies may have not won World War II. It changed people 's outlook on war, they could see an end of the war coming soon. Without this invasion the turning point in World War II would have never happened. German would have most likely taken over the country if the Allied Forces would have failed at this attack. So many things would be different in the world today if this was not successfully done, (The effects of D-Day). In conclusion, D-Day was a major part of world 's history. It took a lot of preparation from everyone who was involved in the plan for the invasion. It also took a lot of dedication from the soldiers to stay focused on what they were doing. In the end they successfully complete the attack and eventually won the war. Also, the effects of the war was greatly in favor of the Allied Forces. It would have dramatically changed the way the war was headed if this invasion would not have taken
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