The Distracted Driving Problem

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Countless of us might not consider distracted driving as an immense issue for the reason that we personally have probably not experienced an accident or a fatality caused by this. There obtained a ten year period in the United States where effective death rates for distracted driving went up to fifty thousand plus thousands that extract injuries. With our powerful government getting involved, they have been getting stricter by having laws that ban phone usage while driving. One of my databases explained that compared to the 1900s to the 2000s fatalities caused by distracted driving have decreased. My second database explains that there should also be fewer drivers using their cell phones while driving and less fatalities on our roads for numerous…show more content…
That is where it comes down to us and the government to help strengthen it, to be more on the safe side rather than being on a disastrous side. The context from the point of view databases explained that there were not enough laws that were prohibiting cell phone use. Distracted driving does not rest as something new to us, since it has been around since the 1900s. But now that technology abides as advancing a great deal of people are using their cellular devices on the road, which can be found as making it a major issue. As a result of it being such a commodious deal with the government, they are having the state’s ban handheld cell phone usage while driving, having stunning decreasing results of fatalities each year. So what author Gaddis trying to explain to us would be that we individually should be aware of the consequences and outcomes of being involved in distracted driving. Letting us know that with the strict laws being enforced there continues to be fatalities, but again that they are slowly decreasing each year. The targeted audience obtains not only to teenagers, but every driver in general no matter the age. Yes, there inhabits statistics that show the youth are causing plenty of the distracted driving accidents, but they are not the only ones. It subsists also for those that admit to using their phones while on the roads, to have them stop which has worked…show more content…
The point of view differed from issues and controversies reason being that it did not converse regarding to the newer technology offered for vehicles. It only mentioned the government and its laws that were needed to be imposed for the citizens, along with statistics from past years about deaths on how they have decreased. When database two in article one “Driving Gets Safer, But Not Enough,” states that the major distracted driving problems is not only in the United States but worldwide. This has us thinking about all the lives that are lost daily. It is done well the way the authors explain certain materials in their articles, having us think and question more than one of their claims. In database one the counterpoint article by Gaddis, mentioned that an enormous amount of citizens that are driving on the roads are unaware of the laws for distracted driving. This puts them and everyone around them in an unsafe situation. The government on the other hand has to stop thinking twice about the hands on technology for vehicles. They might think that many are not using it but there is many of us who are that do not want to cause any harm to
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