The Dumbest Generation: The Dumbest Generation

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In every generation adjustments and changes occur to benefit society as a whole. In today’s generation it is mainly based on the complex technology being used. Past generations did not have the accessibility to technology in a blink of an eye. Today it is about text messaging, cellular phones, and, emails. Technology has bought a wide line of communication for humanity. There is an ongoing debate as to whether this new form of technology is positive or negative to the under-thirty generation. In the book The Dumbest Generation, Mark Bauerlein claims the under-thirty generation is the “dumbest” generation. The under thirty generation is not the “dumbest” generation because they are able to process information in a different creative form, engage…show more content…
However, the under thirty generation is not the “dumbest” generation because they engage in technological games to sharpen their minds. Despite the content of some video games, there are plenty of video games that are non-violent. Technological games are more difficult and advanced for the mind than board games. According to Steven Johnson he says, “The most popular games are not simply difficult in the sense of challenging manual dexterity; they challenge mental dexterity as well … most gamers eschew reading manuals or walk-throughs altogether, preferring to feel their way through the game space” (Source F). Engaging in video games is killing two birds with one stone because not only is one improving their hand-eye coordination, but they are also learning new thinking processing skills. The person knows it is more efficient to start the game than reading through the instructions for minutes or hours. The people who dive into the video game start to become self learners and can teach themselves instead of being told what to do from a manual. The kindes mean. Kind. fake, bitch, nerve…show more content…
Today there are many different devices to use and within seconds today’s generation can figure out how to work the devices. As Mizuko says, “Teens then share their creations and receive feedback from others online. By its immediacy and breadth of information, the digital world lowers barriers to self-directed learning” (Source C). Today’s generation taking good advantage of the advanced technology. As a result, they have the opportunity to seek assist from people across the internet and start to network. The online world is not only to play games and waste time on social media. In contrast it provides people the access to share important media or creations they have invented. It builds a doorway to a whole new world of communication. The generation today are the ones who are opening the doors and into a new passageway. Take in count nobody told them how what to do. They simply taught themselves to use the technological tools they have
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