The Eight Stages Of Erikson's Psychoo-Social Development

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Erik Erikson was a German psychoanalyst heavily influenced by Sigmund Freud. Erikson’s theory of psycho-social development was first brought forward by him in his most influential book, Children and Society where he divided the human life cycle into eight different stages of psycho-social development. These eight stages shall be discussed in the following essay The first stage is “Trust vs. Mistrust” whereby infants, usually infants between the ages of new born and eighteen months of age must learn to trust the affection that is offered to them by their parents, as well as their care or not if the parents do not adequately provide the love, care and affection the infant, it may begin to perceive the world in a very warped manner, viewing it…show more content…
Inferiority”. It is a stage that takes place around the ages of five to twelve or at primary school age. It is a stage where children begin to ask themselves “How can I be good?” which illustrates their industriousness or the child could start believing that they are mediocre compared to other kids their age. To please everyone was my one wish at this stage of my life and also to have as much fun as I could while at that age and I would get favours and gifts from most people which further reaffirmed my personality at this point in my life. The strength of this stage is “Competency”, whereby a child discovers and develops their own abilities and…show more content…
Role Confusion” .Teenagers who go through this are left thinking “Who am I really?” Teenagers either find themselves and what they want to do with their live whereas other may be confused by their roles in life. This stage occurs in thirteen to nineteen year olds and I’m obviously still nineteen , and I fall within this stage; I have fair idea of where I’ve been and where I am moving toward. At this age I was very self-indulgent and was more concerned about my vanity than anything else. The strengths or virtue attributed to this stage is “Fidelity” where things either become clear and they find their way or they could get very confused. At this age they get very conscious about their body

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