The Fault In Our Stars Research Paper

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Natalia Mejia
Ms. Stroligo
Honors English 9- Period 3
28 August 2017
The Fault in Our Stars Throughout the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green the readers follow the love of seventeen years old Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. They are both battling cancer because of this they cannot live a normal teenager’s life, and must face many challenging moments at a young age. Hazel and Augustus begin to develop a deep love for each other, and through their relationship they learn significant lessons about themselves and the universe. Furthermore, the readers see both Hazel and Augustus fighting battles either with themselves or others. Though they have many difficult moments in their life they are able to find love and comfort with each other. …show more content…

Hazel is suffering from cancer since she was thirteen years old, and that affected everyone close to her, especially her mother. Since Hazel’s diagnosis with cancer her mother is constantly looking after her and she became her mother’s “primary reason for living” (Green 143). Here, the readers see that Hazel’s mother is willing to sacrifice everything for Hazel because she is her world; everything that she does is for Hazel. When Hazel is born, she begins to be her mother’s priority and everything else comes after her. Her mother had to sacrifice her needs and put Hazel’s needs above her because Hazel well-being is the most important thing. Augustus and Hazel go on a trip to Amsterdam to meet Hazel’s favorite author Peter Van Houten, and during this trip Augustus confesses that his cancer is back. Before they left for the trip he began “palliative chemo, but he gave it up to go to Amsterdam” with Hazel (215). Here, it illustrates the willingness of sacrifice because Augustus sacrifices his health for Hazel. Even though his cancer coming back could be fatal, he still puts Hazel first because he is deeply in love with her. He knows how important this trip to Amsterdam is to Hazel, and does not want to ruin it. So he stops his chemotherapy to be able to go Amsterdam with Hazel even though his health is becoming

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