The Giver Book Vs Movie Essay

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The giver is a good book and a good movie. Though like most people I prefer the book. So that I don 't sound bias I will consider both the book and movie. The first thing I strongly disagree with the movie is lacks of backstory it gave us. In movie it starts us off with Jonas (the protagonist) on his bike, his destination being the nurturing center. Anyways the movie has already skipped six chapters worth of backstory. In those chapter we are given key factors, like who is Jonas, and why is Jonas the way he is. I 'm sure they had to cut out that part out because of budget prices, but those chapters give us an idea of what kind of person Jonas is. Another thing that movies lacks is emotional details . Though in movies it really hard to grab on to the person and make them express their emotions, usually in fear of other people 's opinion of them. In the book they did the opposite of this, evidence of this in the book is when Jonas 's is walking to the nurturing center, after just receiving the memory of war/warfare and is confronted by Jonas 's friend Asher and not knowing what even is it 's just a game the kids play, asks him if wants to play, Jonas just having …show more content…

Like I said in my introduction I would consider the movie to. A big thing that books lack is visual detail, on contrary visual detail is the sole purpose of the movie. It is there to give you an idea of what the scene would look like. In book it relies on your imagination, to picture what scene would look like. While I was reading the book I thought that the community looked like a small ww-2 Japanese concentration camp but without all the torture but the inside of everything looked pretty decent and there was lake surrounding the community. Then to watch the movie, it was the complete opposite of what I was thinking. The whole thing was futuristic, the community was huge, they lived on plateau in the middle of nowhere. This was all

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