The Goal Book Analysis

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The Goal is an international bestseller business novel. It was authored by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Mr. Jeff Cox and was first published in 1984 by The North River Press.
Dr. Goldratt was an Israeli physicist, who later became a business management guru. He has written this book as a piece of fiction. In the introduction of the book, Dr. Goldratt has stated that science can be utilized to understand and solve many industrial issues. Secondly, he has said that the main requisite for expanding the learning about anything is the courage to face inconsistencies and to question the existing popular beliefs and methods. “The Goal” also demonstrates the effectiveness of Socratic way of approaching and resolving problems, which in this story, includes
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Alex Rogo, in which he discovers the obvious flaws in the current industry practices, and with the help of his ex-teacher and physicist - Dr. Jonah, sets out to fix them. Alex is the plant manager at one of the manufacturing units of UniCo in a town called Bearington. UniCo has been running in losses for the last few years, and one of the major reasons for this is the unprofitability of the division to which Alex’s plant belongs. The conditions in his plant are also very tough. Everything seems to be delayed and utterly urgent. Most of the orders are running late by weeks. Everybody seems to be busy all the time, and yet, the unit is running into losses. All of this is despite the fact that this plant is equipped with the latest technology including industrial robots and computer…show more content…
Bill Peach, the division vice president, asks Alex to make his plant profitable within three months. In case of failure, the plant was to be shut down by the management. Alex has the option to look for another job, but he decides to do whatever he can to save the plant. Here, he recollects a conversation he had with Dr. Jonah, when the latter, through a few simple questions, convinced Alex that the hi-tech robots in his plant are not contributing to the actual goal of the company. He also encouraged Alex to figure out the true goal of his organization. Faced with grave difficulties, Alex figures out that the true goal of the company is to make money. Equipped with this newly-found answer, he immediately gets in touch with Jonah and asks for his help and
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