The Great Gatsby Act Structure Essay

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ACT Structure Writing F. Scott Fitzgerald is a great writer,especially for the novel The Great Gatsby, that takes our breath away.While the movie of The Great Gatsby is another work of art because it allows us to visualize each scene of the book with actual acting. While reading the book, there were parts that were confusing, but were clarified while watching the movie. In the end, the movie is a more effective work of art because it clarifies some of the confusing parts of the story. The first reason why the movie is a more effective work of art is because it gives us a better understanding of what is happening. The one point that stuck out the most in the book was at the end when Jay Gatsby was killed. It was confusing because it was …show more content…

The scene at the party has many different things going on, making it hard to create an image of everything that is going on, while the movie shows the same thing, but it shows a visual of all of it making the image more appealing. During this scene we meet Gatsby for the first time, and get a glimpse of him, and we also understand why Nick was invited. Moreover, the reason why this is important is because in the book, it is hard to pick up all these small details, but in the movie everything is in front of your eyes. Some may argue that the book gives a better visual art examples because it has many detail throughout, with many moments of excitement. This though, is not true because some people visualize better with the movie version because it points out those key elements. This reason eliminates the fact that a book is a better visual element than a movie. Watching the movie of The Great Gatsby is a better visual art because it clarifies those parts in a book that get confusing. Many people that write books, those books now aday have been turned into movies because it enhances what we read. It gives another way to illustrate what we read about. Movies tell as good of a stories as book because it sends the same message. Movies are a visual element that will soon take away the use of

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