The Hungry Anna Quindlen Summary

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There 's a queue of people outside the church 's doors, the hungry line the street. Faces with unshaven beards, piles of shopping bags, and shabby clothes all standing outside the Church of the Apostles waiting just to be fed. With our country 's hunger issues growing larger in parallel with our elites power, Anna Quindlen exposes one of America 's growing economic issues to the everyday American. Anna Quindlen’s informative use of logos perpetuates the connection between our countries elite and its hungry. For twenty five years the church of the apostles in New York has fed the homeless every morning, never missing a single day. But the food that the church can provide grows smaller every year, Anna Quindlen states “the issue is measured in mouthfuls” and follows up with “ In Los Angeles 24 million pounds of food in 2002 became 15 million in 2006.” These quotes give the reader a logical reason to be empathetic towards the hungry by explaining the problem and giving statistical reasoning as to exactly how monumental the problem actually is …show more content…

is Looking on the other side of hunger, those who live with wealth and do not share the problems of the poor have actually increased in their prosperity, “The share of the nation 's income going to the top 1 percent of its citizens is at its highest level since 1928.” [This disparity has grown even more in the last decade, since the article was written] Not only have the wealthy increased in their wealth, but as they do it becomes harder to make change “An agriculture bill that would have increased aid and the food-stamp allotment has been knocking around Congress, where no one ever goes hungry.” Because of difference in lifestyle, the people of power believe they have no prerogative to help those in

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