The Impact Of Globalization In The Fashion Industry

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Driving forces provide a framework to decide where and how to exercise market leadership. In this case, globalization is one of the main driving force that affect the fashion industry. Gap was recognized as a must have brand. However, through the years it has been losing competitive advantage due to the continual change. During the last years, Gap has been facing struggles because of its clothing design and faltered misjudgment fashion trend. As a result, the company has suffered for disappointing earnings and sales. One of the reasons is because in the attempt to turn around the company, the raw material and labor cost increased which lead to an increase of 20% per item. As a result, now the company is facing struggles because foreign competitors such as Zara, H&M, Walmart and Target are stealing its customers with cheaper and fresher fashion. Another driving force that affects the fashion industry is the information revolution. The instant availability of information and instantly interaction are the implication that has changed the nature of competition in the fashion industry. For example, a global style has been created across borders and cultures fashion as images in social media and internet are instantly distributed around the world. The company cannot longer rely on the traditional factors of production to provide a sustainable competitive advantage, but must look how they can exploit its knowledge acquired through the years in order to gain competitive advantage

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