Misunderstanding In International Communication Essay

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Introduction: Languages and interactions are two principal concepts in present days. Being master in using and perceiving the modern methods of communications at works furnishes us with intellectual tools which we cannot afford to reject. With the expanding of organizations in the world and working internationally the needs of understanding other cultures and new ways of dealing with others become a key aspect of competitive advantages for any organization. Any organization regarding to meet its objectives and goals; assigns some written or not written norms, values, culture and behavioural patterns which should be understood and pursued by all the co-workers. This will create an employer image in labour market locally as well as in the international business market. Moreover, once a person starts working in any organization he or she will acquire a belonging feeling to that specific professional community. This professional community follows set of practices, specific knowledge and common values, hence creates discourse community that plays an essential role. However, spoken and written communication methods at work either among colleagues or between a professional member and lay people possesses unique …show more content…

Therefore, according to Koester, many misunderstanding in international communication is merely for linguistic differences but it may be caused by cultural dissimilarities (Koester, Working in English 156). For instance, a business dealing collapsed between a French businessman and an American businessman because the American businessman attempted to participate a new French colleague in small talk, asking questions about the French businessman’s partner and family. The problem was, American businessman was not aware of French Culture, that those types of questions are seen as personal and are not acceptable in business interactions

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