Effective Communication Style Analysis

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Rhetorically speaking, how often do we wonder why management positions have a high turnover rate or how often we as leaders blame our followers for failures instead of looking within at our own leadership skills or lack of. Too many leaders become complacent or comfortable instead of continuing to learn, grow and evolve the ever-changing dynamic of leadership. Probably one of the most neglected, yet most important skills to nurture is that of communication. Effective communication is the difference between success and failure as a leader. My biggest challenge as a new leader was a lack of tact in my communication style. I quickly burned bridges with employees because I was too direct and one sided in my communication. I was suddenly the leader…show more content…
A good place to start is to learn about the C.O.A.T assessment, an assessment created by Dr. Gorkman, that scores behaviors that indicate good communication skills. C.O.A.T stands for communication, opportunity, advisory and talent. According to Dr. Gorkman, effective communication means educating others so that they understand what they need to do, clearly illustrating goals and visions, gaining trust and respect from those listening and persuading others of the importance of such goals (Gorkman, 2009). For those that may be looking to enhance their ability to be effective within their communication, this assessment is a great place to…show more content…
Williams should start his journey to effective communication by taking the Myers-Briggs personality assessment (MBTI Basics 2015). By completing this assessment, Mr. Williams will not only be given an opportunity to understand more about his communication style but he will understand why he communicates the way he does. This particular detail is imperative because how can Mr. Williams make changes without first assessing his current challenges. After he has a thourough understanding of his personality type he can move on to review the C.O.A.T formula (Gorkman, 2009). By reviewing this formula, Mr. Williams will be able to develop tools on critical thinking, effective writing, anticipating future trends, teaching solution-based problem solving and developing talent. Once Mr. Williams reviews and implements the C.O.A.T formula, he will learn that he must apply the above tools to his daily interactions with staff. Finally, I would suggest to Mr. Williams to read the Generations Matter article so that he may have a more rounded understanding of the dynamic people around him. He will quickly realize that managing a diverse group of people requires that he implement group emails, texts and meetings as a starting point when discussing goals. He surely would then create a group calendar that includes project goals and objectives in writing and finally he would realize the importance of maintaining an open-door policy for those with questions or creative and innovative

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