Global Marketing Strategies

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The remarkable growth of the global economy over the past 65 years has been shaped by the dynamic interplay of various driving and restraining forces. During most of those decades, companies from different parts of the world in different industries achieved great successes by pursuing international, multinational, or global strategies. During the 1990s, changes in the business environment presented a number of challenges to established ways of doing business. Today, despite calls for protectionism as a response to the economic crisis, global marketing continues to grow in importance. This is due to the fact that, even today, driving forces have more momentum than restraining forces. Global marketing is more than just selling products internationally.…show more content…
This also means that the global marketing strategy, in some way, go counter to the true customer orientation (see PLANNING MARKETING). Product and marketing mix is not adapted to local tastes, as customer orientation suggests. This is a potential weakness of global marketing strategy, and leave open the opportunity for local products and brands. In response integrated marketing communications (see INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY) suggests, consistent subsequent results can have positive benefits for reinforcement unique message, spillovers between countries, and so on. But the main driving force behind the use of global marketing strategy is the scale and scope of the cost advantages of a uniform marketing strategy is. These cost advantages include the elimination of unnecessary duplication of effort, multilingual savings on the packaging and the same-size, use the same promotional material, quantity discounts when buying media, and so…show more content…
All you need is for your products to be valuable, as it will require; or you can create a demand for it, and that can become part of your global marketing strategy. The first thing you need to understand about it is that it is definitely not something to be standardized; you have to commute your products to users, you need to adjust the product itself, or the way it is promoted. You can, for example, standardize your logo, make it known throughout the world, but things like packaging, promotion, advertising, and advertising strategies you need to be coordinated with the culture, economy and society they are aiming

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